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Full Log Construction

Full Logs

Edlund Constructions full log option provides the authentic rustic comfort that only traditional log homes can offer. Warmth, rustic, beauty and tradition. All of these come with one of our full log homes.

Many log home enthusiasts believe that a log home must be built with full logs to be a real log home. These days, the flexibility possible with full log homes is endless. Our full log construction gives you the real thing. No matter if you choose full log or half log - both are substantial and impressive.

Full Log Advantages

When the logs of your log home are stacked the interior/exterior is in place. Your log walls are done. No insulation, no drywall or knotty pine needed. The logs are your finished wall which can save time on construction and finishing labor. On basic log home plans it is cost effective to use full log construction.

White and red pine logs are what we usually use. They are larger, grow regionally, plentiful and cost effective to build with. Like our half log options, the full logs are milled to specific stack heights with a rustic hewn finish to maintain the natural character of the wood.

Kiln Drying

All the logs are kiln-dried to minimize cracking, checking and settling. What are other advantages to kiln drying?

  • More resistent to twisting and warping
  • Consistent drying rate
  • Maintains the dimensional stabily of the log
  • Helps minimize shrinking and settling
  • Removes moisture resulting in lighter weight logs to ease construction

Energy Efficiency

Full log homes are very efficient to heat and cool. Energy efficiency is usually measured in R-values when talking conventional construction. However, with full log construction thermal mass is the form of energy efficiency. Your logs will absorb and emit the surrounding temperatures resulting in the efficient use of thermal mass. Soft woods such as white and red pine are ideal materials for thermal mass. An excellent example of thermal mass is to picture a rock next to a campfire. That rock is absorbing the heat of the fire and then when you remove the rock away from the heat source it will continue to radiate the stored heat into its surroundings.


You can go to our half log page to learn more about our half log construction options.

Full log profiles

double round full log

Double Round Log

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Timber Full Log

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D - Log

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