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Minnesota Log Home Restoration and Repair

Log Home Restoration

Beyond being new log home builders, Edlund Construction also offers log home restoration and repair services throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin.  We can replace damaged or rotted logs on your log home. From replacing one log to a whole wall we can help you with getting your log home back to the way it is supposed to be.  Along with repair services we can also refinish your log home.  As a full service log home restoration we can media blast your logs if needed, reapply the stain and re-caulk or chink as necessary.

Repair and Restoration Services

  • Full log or half log replacement
  • Spot repairs of rotted areas
  • Refacing of damaged logs
  • Repair and fill cracks and checks
  • Replace caulking or chinking
  • Media blasting
  • Interior and exterior re-staining
  • Log cleaning services
  • Prevention methods and tips to help eliminate future issues

Log Replacement

A few causes for log rot are improper flashing in areas, faulty caulk or chinking to water back splashing on the lower course of logs. Sometimes only a few logs need replacing or in extreme cases a large portion of the log wall needs to be cut out and replaced.

Log Refacing

In some cases the problem areas aren't that deep and the whole log or logs don't need to be cut out and replaced. In this case we'll cut into the log and get beyond the problem area(s) and just reface the outer portion of the log to match the exsting logs on your log home.

Matching New Logs to Existing Logs

One question we get quite often is if the new logs will be a close match in size and peel to the existing logs on the home. The answer is...Yes! We can get custom sizes through our mill for both full log and half log homes. We can get the rustic peel to be a very close match to what you already have. If you have a handcrafted log home we can match up to your logs as well.

Fire Restoration

We don't like to think of something like a house fire but accidents do happen. Fire restoration can involve both log replacement and refacing. It all comes down to the how much damage the fire caused but we can work with your insurance company and help you with getting your log home repaired.

Cleaning and Staining

Quite often a log home only needs cleaning and refinishing rather than an extensive restoration. Each project is different and sometimes the existing stain needs to be removed before the new stain can be applied. If your stain needs to be removed we will media blast your logs, properly prep the log surface and reapply the exterior stain. We offer complete cleaning and refinishing services and are a Perma-Chink preferred applicator.

Log Home Inspections

Are you looking at buying an existing log home but have questions? Give us a call. We offer log home inspections and both buyers, sellers and realtors have taken advantage of our log home expertise. Log homes are unique and we can help you ease any concerns or bring problems to your attention that need addressing. We've inspected log homes that had no problems to some that needed some very extensive repairs. We will look for rotted logs, caulking or chinking in need of attention, peeling or faded stain, and water leakage. We will also check the areas around the doors, windows and deck for any possible problems.


No two log home repairs are the same and we'll treat your project with the one of a kind service your log home deserves. From dry rot to faded stain we are the experts to call to restore the beauty of your home..

Restoration Photo Albums

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Log Restoration Minnesota

Log replacement and repair project

Historical Log Cabin in Minnesota

Extensive restoration on a historic log cabin

Log repair Minnesota

Log replacement on a milled log home

Minnesota log home repair

Refacing on a handcrafted log home

fire damaged log home repair

Full log fire restoration

log home refinishing Minnesota

Media blast and refinishing project

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